Welcome to MacLean, Proppe, MacLean & Darnell, P.C.  We are pleased to have this opportunity to share with you a brief history of our firm, its Attorneys and Staff.    

      L.D. MacLean and Edward J. Proppe are the original founders of the firm.  Both worked as Appellate Division Officers in the Detroit offices of the Internal Revenue Service.  L.D. MacLean resigned from the IRS in 1956 and began the private practice of law, with offices located at 2064 Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit.  Edward J. Proppe resigned from the IRS in 1957 and the partnership of MacLean and Proppe was formed. 

  In 1972 the firm incorporated and the name was changed to MacLean, Proppe, MacLean & Darnell, P.C.  Dan A. Darnell and Gary T. MacLean, who had been associated with the firm since 1969 and 1968, respectively, became shareholders.

  Gary and Dan both attended the University of Detroit, where they were fraternity brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi, a National Business Fraternity and earned B.S. degrees in Accounting.  Gary obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center and Dan received his from Detroit College of Law.  

       In August of 1957 the firm opened offices in the Book Building on Washington Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan.  Shortly thereafter a branch office was opened in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  Land was acquired in 1960 and a freestanding office building was built in Farmington, Michigan.  The firm remained there until it moved in 1974 due to the need for larger office space.  This move led the firm to the Manufacturers Bank of Southfield building, which was located at 6070 West Maple Road, West Bloomfield, Michigan.  The firmís last move in 1984 brought us to our current location.  

       Our current office, pictured above, was built in 1872.  It is a historical and charming updated farmhouse with a very interesting history.  It was built by Charles Wixom who used the surrounding land for grain growing and dairy farming.  By 1896 the farm was owned by Samuel Lamb who served as a Justice of the Peace.  The house and farm were sold in 1910 and made into an apartment house.  It subsequently fell into disrepair.  In the early 1940's, Dr. and Mrs. Swift renovated the house and added many modern conveniences.  The house was sold in 1958 to Dr. and Mrs. Robert Douglass.  In the early 1980's it was purchased and converted into an office building, into which the firm moved in 1984.